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We fully appreciate the emotion that music invokes, the impact of a stunning film, and the serenity of well-designed lighting. Our decades of project interaction empower us to create environments for our clients to enjoy these experiences to their fullest potential. Our extensive knowledge base has allowed us to procure a choice of diverse but selective products that also make us innovative problem-solvers.

The advent of Digital Media Content is the most important technological advancement in consumer electronics history, and we are excited to bring this revolution into the homes of our clients. Let us listen carefully to your needs and explain how current technologies can fit and enhance your lifestyle. We are here to provide solutions for you to enjoy, manage and control your Digital Media Content.


Our attitude promotes a Team atmosphere with Architects, Designers, and General Contractors where the client is the priority. All services we provide are engineered to meet or exceed our client's expectations:

  • Home Theaters
  • Distributed Music Systems throughout the home
  • Distributed Video Systems throughout the home
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Motorized Shades
  • Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV)
  • Residential Telephone Systems
  • Safe and Secure Local Area Networks for Computer, WiFi, TV Streaming and IoT Internet access
  • Surge Protection, Power Conditioning and Uninterrupted Power Supplies
  • Electronic component Ventilation and Cooling Systems


We are an Authorized Dealer for all of the products we sell.


Installation Specialties, Inc. was founded in 1962 by our father Bert T. Abitz to create a service company unsurpassed in its ability to perform electronic component installations. We, and Craig, are both brothers and co-owners and take pride in upholding his legacy and values into the next generation.

  • We only install systems that we are confident in attaching our company name.
  • We are inherently honest and hardworking.
  • We respond to our clients’ personalized needs.
  • We skillfully design and build the best system for any installation.
  • We are vastly experienced, having calibrated thousands of AV and Home Automation devices at every conceivable level.
  • We stay informed about today’s best equipment through manufacturer trainings, certifications, and product showcases.
  • We are harmonious with all trades to ensure the success of our projects.

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